Four short plays for our fourth year at ArtsFest.
In the year of the Jubilee and the Olympics, Big Script took a light hearted (and sometimes darkly comic) look at what it means to be British.

Martin Drury addresses the actors just before the performance.

Michael (Matthew Warburton) and Sarah (Julia Wright) pit their wits against The Official (Andy Bryan) in
Liz John's Home.

Graham (Alan Groucott) and Sai'id (Sunny Dhap) try to work out who has the right to patriotism in
Sandra Wathall's British Born.

The image for the ArtsFest programme.

The flyer for the show.


Anne (Chloe Tempest-Jones) emotes while Charles (Dore Harbridge Robinson) nobly assists Mrs Jobbington (Eileen Clews) in Robert Warrington's Flag Waver.


Cal (Alan Wales) works the crowd in Martin Drury's Dreams Can Come True.