The assembled cast of Under the Sun
from left to right: James Parsons, Andy Elkington,
Summerfield, Nadia Kemp-Sayfi.

  Photographs courtesy of Graeme Braidwood.

Sound and lights by John Gray.
Props and assistance by Richard Constable.
Flyer design by Robert Warrington.
Marketing  by Naomi Paul and Gerald Kells.
Directed  by Graeme Braidwood.

A Visit  by Richard Constable. Benny is working late when he receives a disturbing visit.

Benny - Andy Elkington
Kenny - Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

The Healing Process by Tim Wright.  Distraction exists to divert us from the pain we choose to ignore.

Emma - Nadia Kemp-Sayfi
Max - Andy Elkington
Susie - Janette Summerfield

Original Features by Gerald Kells. You buy your new home, you move in, you do it up and still you have to get the old owners back to remove their junk.

Older Man - James Parsons
Younger Man - Andy Elkington

Lasagne  by Ian Kendall. A slice of the action in a day in the life of a break up.

David - James Parsons
Alison - Janette Summerfield


Lessons from the Lift
  by Naomi Paul. A woman travels home to Birmingham. She is crammed into a crowded lift in the new station. Then a crackling sound and an announcement: 'Please stay calm. Help is coming.' 

Woman - Janette Summerfield

World of Weird by Robert Warrington. It's hate at first sight between an embittered presenter and the young colleague brought in to spice up his low budget TV show. But what's that got to do with Moseley Bog? A Yeti-based comedy that attempts to explain the inexplicable.

Perkle Bing - James Parsons
Finola MacNamara - Nadia Kemp-Sayfi
Eddy Mard - Andy Elkington
Voice of the Yeti - a mystery!