For this production at the Blue Orange Theatre, fourteen writers provided short pieces - some light, some serious - exploring different meanings of the show's title.

The programme:

Seconds Out Stevie - Tim Wright 
Quack - Andy Alsop
A Loving Cup? - Martin Drury
Pairing Socks - Sandra Wathal
Trial and Error - Richard Constable
One More Match - Julia Wright 
Umbilical - Liz John

Dawn - John Gray     
A God Shaped Hole -  Ian Kendall                                    
The Third Option - Shakeel Mohammed
Tench - Robert Warrington 
Heartless - Eileen Clews 
First Light - Gerald Kells 
Screen Idols - Andy McCoy
The Actors:
Sarah Gain, Sarah Gordon, Simon Grenville, James Parsons, Lauren Styles, Carl Thornley, Ade Daniel Varney.

Photographs courtesy of Graeme Braidwood.